Sales & Marketing

Sales, rate distribution and promotion of our client airline’s services through face-to-face and telephone sales to the local freight forwarding communities

Administration of cargo reservations

Targeted sales activities using IATA CASS statistics and in-house historical data

Email campaigns to the local freight forwarding community using email marketing software which can track the recipients’ interest

Announcements and service updates using Inforwarding cargo portal (

What people are saying about Ultimate Logistics GSA, LLC

From the time I met Bob in the late 1980’s until today I have always been impressed with his enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor.

Scott Vranic
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Having enjoyed a long working relationship with Bob for over thirty years it has been one of mutual respect and enjoyment.

Lars Traner
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It has been my pleasure and unique experience to know Bob Lutterman over the past thirty some years. We have been in the same airline related industry

Tom Voss
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I have personally worked with Bob for well over 25 years, and he is by far one of the most professional, honest and knowledgeable Airline Representatives

Steve Stapleton
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